The magic starts at The Cottage – Greenwood Residential Group's boutique office, where agents network and brainstorm over coffee, a smoothie, and often wine. They stay away from the corporate rules to create an ambiance of quality and creativity. The Cottage is filled with Westlake graduates, a former college athlete, true philanthropists, a ranchman, and Lucy, the office guard dog. 

Greenwood Residential Group associates partnered with Compass Real Estate offers cutting-edge marketing and valued relationships. They provide an unmatched experience for clients through our esteemed concierge approach, where they offer an exclusive lifestyle by design network for you to continue your address in Austin, even after you discovered your dream home. With over 70 years of experience in Austin&rsquo's fast-paced luxury real estate market, the associates at Greenwood Residential Group are selected for their commitment to service, integrity, and accountability. 

Comprised of dynamic real estate professionals, the focus is an overall experience that guarantees the highest level of service. At the Greenwood Residential Group, their true satisfaction comes from building lifetime relationships with clients and their families. They are simply there for you!

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By providing an unmatched experience we build lifetime relationships with our clients and their families, the Greenwood Residential Team is simply there for you!

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