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  • 05/13/20
Real Clean USA was developed by Real Estate professionals for Real Estate professionals. The entrepreneurial spirit that feeds this creative industry has created a solution to meet the needs of clients and those who serve them. During these challenging times, we find ourselves in, it is important to protect our clients, while at the same time offering exceptional levels of service and transactional support.
The COVID-19/Corona Pandemic has disrupted every area of our lives. Many business operations have been shut-down and hope to have the opportunity to start-up once our state and local governments deem it safe to do so. Some business sectors have been named as “essential” operations and industries. Real Estate is one of those industries. Real Estate and Real Estate transactions are an integral part of our economy. We thank you for your ongoing professionalism and we hope to support your efforts with our specialized services. 
Ozone (O3) as an effective space cleaning tool:
Real Clean USA: Safety Enhancement & Contaminant Mitigation Services
REAL CLEAN USA is proud to support our local real estate industry by providing; Safety Enhancement Mitigation Services or “SEMS” . SEMS is a process wherein 
a residential or commercial space are treated thought HVA air-ducts with naturally occurring but concentrated levels of OZONE or O3 through specialized O3 generators. Our special commercial grade OZONE generators are connected to a locations HVAC return and the OZONE is distributed throughout the space.
Optional : UV Combined Treatment:
We include a UV Lamp positioned inside the HVAC 'return" (air intake) so air based particulates circulated in the home can come into contact and nutralized.
*Treatments , plus O3 to O2 (oxygen) conversion period is approx. 4 hours.
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